Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Cactus flower block tutorial

This month I am the Queen Bee for the Comfort Circle of do.good stitches - an organisation that makes quilts for charitable causes. I have written up a tutorial for a quilt block that I call Cactus Flower.

I am asking each member of the bee to make one 15.5 inch (unfinished) square block, and to also send me one piece of green fabric 15.5 x 3 inches that I can use in the sashing. The blocks should use yellow for the centre square, white for the surrounding rectangles and limey greens for the background. Use whatever bright, warm colour you like where I have used pink - think coral, orange, red, magenta or warm purple...

You will need to cut the fabrics as follows...

  • one yellow 5.5 inch square
  • four white 3 x 5.5 inch rectangles
  • four green 3 inch squares 
  • eight green 3 x 5.5 inch rectangles
  • twelve warm, bright 3 inch squares

Make 4 corner units by sewing a green 3 inch square to a warm 3 inch square and then adding a green 3 x 5.5 inch rectangle. Press all seams towards the green fabrics. All four of these units should have the identical arrangement of squares and rectangles.

Make 4 flying geese units. Start by drawing a diagonal line across the eight remaining warm 3 inch squares.

Place a warm square face down on top of a green rectangle, and stitch along the diagonal line.

Trim the seam and press it towards the warm triangle.

Repeat with a second warm square, sewing along the diagonal on the back of the warm square.

Again, trim the seam and press it towards the warm triangle. The back of the flying goose unit should look like this...

Now add this flying goose unit to a white rectangle, pressing the seam towards the white.

Once all the units are completed, you can lay them out, rotating the corner sections of the block.

Now sew the units together into rows. If you have pressed the seams as suggested, they should nest together easily allowing the block to be constructed more accurately. Press these seams as shown in the photo below.

Finally, join the rows together nesting the seams together and pressing them as indicated below.

I hope you enjoy making these blocks, and I really look forward to sewing your blocks and sashing strips together into a cheerful garden quilt.

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