Sunday, 11 October 2015

Text Me Mini Quilt Swap

I've joined quite a few mini quilt swaps this year, all of which have been arranged through Instagram. The most recent one to conclude was the Text Me Mini Quilt Swap, which required participants to make a mini quilt containing at least two fabrics with text designs.

My partner listed her favourite colours as hot pink, gold, mint green, aqua green and lavender, and I thought I would try to make something incorporating as many of those colours as possible. The only thing I could think of that might look good with all those colours was a flower bed, so I started to design a flowery quilt block. This is what I came up with...

A sketch of my original mini quilt design

181 pieces in a 21 inch block. Crazy! I decided that I would use a selection of black-on-white and white-on-black text prints for the background and use my partner's favourite colours for the "flowers" and "leaves".

Keeping track of all the pieces

Completed top
Once the top was pieced, it was time to think about quilting. I am not really one for minimal quilting, so I decided to quilt the different components of the quilt with different patterns and in different colours of thread.

Thread choices for quilting
After some deliberation, I went for free motion feathers in the pink flower petals, starbursts in the gold flower centres, leafy shapes in the green squares, and pebbles in the background areas. Plus some stitching in the ditch around all the different areas.

Quilting the flower petals

The background quilting - I call this "pebbles", but Mr Q thinks it looks like a skin disease and calls it "pustules"

I finished the quilt with another white-on-black text fabric for the binding...

The completed quilt
As my partner is also a knitter, I added a Boxy Pouch sewn following a tutorial from Pink Stitches in similar colours so that she can store a small knitting project on the go. To give it a bit of structure, I fused the outside fabric to some felt before straight line quilting it.

Boxy pouch
I really enjoyed putting this quilt together. As usual, the top went together really quickly and then I agonised over the quilting. But once I had a plan, I really enjoyed the free motion quilting. I think I need to learn to trust my quilting instincts and just get on with it.

The quilt that arrived at my house was made by Charity in Washington. It is really lovely - beautifully understated with impeccable points and quilting that really enhances the design. I love that Charity let the text fabric (with lots of words about making and creativity) take centre stage. It looks fabulous on my expanding wall of mini quilts.

The mini quilt that I received

If you fancy having a look at the other quilts that were made as part of this swap, check out the #TextMeMiniQuiltSwap hashtag on Instagram.


Jenny L said...

Oh dear will I ever be able to see one of my favourite fmq designs, 'pebble' quilting, in the same light!!! But your mini looks beautiful and the fmq amazing.

Jane McLellan said...

Great idea, mini quilts, though you still put a lot of time and effort in to achieve a glorious result.