Monday, 12 January 2015

Cat-shaped creatures

In September 2014, Mr Q and I decided we were ready to welcome new cat-shaped friends into our home. After hours on the internet looking at rescue cats and kittens in the northwest of England, and a couple of visits to rescue centres, we decided on a pair of cats that seemed like a good match for us.

Coco (on the left) and Layla
We picked Daisy and Jane up from Carla Lane Animals in Need in September, and promptly renamed them Coco and Layla. They are 2 year old sisters who have spent the last 18 months at the rescue centre - continually overlooked because they were a) black, b) not kittens and c) came as an inseparable pair.

Lovely Layla
After a month of sleeping in a cupboard or under the bed, they started to get braver, and are now pretty much fully integrated members of the family. It is wonderful getting to know these beautiful animals, and seeing them blossom into affectionate and playful pets.

Cute little Coco

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SewLittleToSay said...

Poor little things being in the centre for 18 months. I'd read that people don't want black cats as they are not photogenic enough for social media. That last photo of Coco just proves otherwise. Hard to believe that they are sisters not mother and daughter.