Monday, 12 January 2015

2015 Finish-Along Quarter 1 list

This year, I have decided to take part in the Finish-Along hosted by Adrianne from On the Windy Side.

So without further ado, here is the list of items that I'd like to complete in the first quarter of 2015. It's probably a bit ambitious, but I'll give it my best shot.

1. Mini quilt for Schnitzel and Boo swap
This is the top priority as it needs to be finished by the end of the week and on its way to its new owner. I am very happy with it so far.

2. Wonky Crosses
I started this quilt on my Easter holiday in 2014. It's made up of blue, grey and orange fabrics from my stash, and the plan is to gift it to Siblings Together or Project Linus once it's finished.

Since this picture was taken, I have sewn the top together, so it just needs quilting and binding now.

3. Transparency
This quilt was started as a wedding gift for my husband's cousin and his wife. I chose the fabrics to coordinate with the colours she chose for bridesmaids dresses. The top, from a pattern in Quilts Made Modern by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, went together very quickly, and I quilted it at the end of 2014. It just needs the binding, and it can be on its way to Australia as a 2nd or 3rd anniversary present.

4. Australia / New Zealand New Wave
Another top that needs quilting and binding. I made this to go over Mr Q's knees in the winter. It has a range of Aussie and Kiwi fabrics in the top, and a message in morse code on the back! If I get it finished, I'll explain the message.

5. Lazy daisy
Finally, I'd really like to get this appliqué quilt finished. The top is done, but I've been stalling on the quilting for a while. However, I think I now have a plan.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Cat-shaped creatures

In September 2014, Mr Q and I decided we were ready to welcome new cat-shaped friends into our home. After hours on the internet looking at rescue cats and kittens in the northwest of England, and a couple of visits to rescue centres, we decided on a pair of cats that seemed like a good match for us.

Coco (on the left) and Layla
We picked Daisy and Jane up from Carla Lane Animals in Need in September, and promptly renamed them Coco and Layla. They are 2 year old sisters who have spent the last 18 months at the rescue centre - continually overlooked because they were a) black, b) not kittens and c) came as an inseparable pair.

Lovely Layla
After a month of sleeping in a cupboard or under the bed, they started to get braver, and are now pretty much fully integrated members of the family. It is wonderful getting to know these beautiful animals, and seeing them blossom into affectionate and playful pets.

Cute little Coco

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Busy bee

I've been debating joining an internet quilting bee for a while. I really liked the idea of creating quilts with like-minded individuals but I wasn't sure that I wanted to add to the piles of quilts already in my home. So, when I came across do. Good Stitches, a charity quilting bee, it seemed to tick all the boxes. I contacted the founder, Rachel at Stitched in Color and was assigned to the Comfort Circle, which is made up of sewers from across Western Europe.

For January, we are making rocketship blocks based on a pattern from Cloud 9 fabrics. Here are my two blocks, now completed and on their way to the Netherlands where they will be joined by many more and made up into a quilt. I'm really looking forward to seeing them all together.