Saturday, 28 December 2013

News from Reno

Thats's reno as in renovation, not Reno as in Nevada!

When I last mentioned our study renovation, we had just knocked out a fireplace opening in the wall.

Quite a bit has happened since then. We have had all the old blown plaster removed, except the plaster cornice around the ceiling which our plasterer was able to preserve.

After that, he replastered the walls, and skimmed the ceiling.

 Then, a couple of weeks ago, we had a wood burning stove fitted.

We've been enjoying beautiful cosy fires in our as-yet undecorated room!

We have asked the joiner to make replacement skirting boards as some of the originals were missing, and other parts were wrecked when they were removed prior to replastering. Here is what it currently looks like. We have chosen paint, carpet and a new light fitting and will be spending some time over new year painting and decorating. It is really coming together.

Another small finished project is the reupholstering of our dining chairs. When mum changed her dining suite a couple of years ago she passed her antique chairs onto us. These are the chairs from my childhood home, but I have always hated the mustard coloured velvet seats which looked too much like the 1970s for my liking.

It has taken me a while to pluck up the courage to have them reupholstered in a style more to my liking, but now that that are done I love the mix of old and new. We used them for the first time in their new incarnation on Christmas Day.