Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hole in't wall

Since Mr Q and I moved into our house almost 7 years ago, most of our restoration efforts have been directed at making the place weatherproof and watertight. We've had a new roof, new windows, and a new front door along with a new boiler and central heating. We've done a little emergency decorating - who can live with a pink bath and a sage green bathroom carpet? Or a spare bedroom with metallic khaki wallpaper? - but on the whole we have coexisted with the 50s/60s decor that we inherited.

Although there are still a few external jobs that could be done, we've decided to turn our attention inside and start turning this place into our dream home. Phase 1 is the renovation of our study. It's quite a dark, north-facing room with a window that looks out onto the side return. With a cellar underneath, it gets pretty cold in the winter.

Here's what it looked like last Saturday morning...

Home to our computer, stereo, books, piano, guitars and other miscellaneous stuff, it is the one room that managed to escape my New Year possession cull!

Want a closer look at those wall lights?

Groovy, man!

A few hours later, and we'd emptied the room and ripped off some of the wallpaper...

We were looking to see if there was a bricked up fireplace behind the plaster. You can make out the brick arch at the top of the original opening in the next picture...

Half an hour with the sledgehammer and we'd made a bit of a dent!

At that point, we had to call it a day. Fast forward to this weekend when I spent most of yesterday with the sledgehammer and a shovel removing all the rubble from the original builders opening and throwing it into a skip. Once that was finished, we took the old carpet up too. I was so grimy at the end of the day that the water in the shower came off grey!

I can't believe the difference already. We're planning to install a wood burning stove, lay a plain new carpet and paint the walls. Exciting!