Thursday, 22 August 2013

Family ties

Mr Q and I are back from Australia where we've spent a little over three weeks visiting family and friends around Queensland. We managed to time our trip to coincide with Mr Q's nana's 95th birthday and our niece's 18th. We try to head back to Australia every couple of years so that Mr Q can catch up with everyone and reboot his Australianess. This usually involves eating plenty of prawns and tropical fruits. This time it also meant eating two years' worth of Golden Gaytimes and Weis Bars.

Mr Q eats the first of many Weis Bars
We also decided to taste-test the pies. Aussies are very proud of their meat pies, as are Wiganers. I have to admit (with some sadness) that the Beefy's pies we tried in Queensland beat any Wigan pie I've ever tasted hands down. However, the pies we sampled at the Gabba (where I witnessed my first Aussie rules match) weren't nearly as good as those we regularly eat at Wigan Athletic home games.

The best tasting pie
enjoying my first Aussie rules game (and not really understanding it)

As well as the aforementioned cultural phenomenon that is Australian rules football, I also managed to coax my mother-in-law down to Brisbane to see a quilt exhibition that was originally staged at the V&A in London. We both really enjoyed the quilts and the setting in the Queensland Art Gallery.

on our way to the quilt exhibition
the gallery cafe - tranquil and tasty!
In Mr Q's hometown of Maryborough, we spent some time tracking down the service records of some of his ancestors at the Military Museum, before a photo opportunity with Maryborough's most famous resident, Mary Poppins. It turns out that the author of Mary Poppins, P L Travers was born in the building (and perhaps even the room) where Mr Q's dad had his office for most of his working life!


We also spent time enjoying the scenery - walking on beaches, climbing Mt Cooroora where we had to compete with people practising for the annual King of the Mountain race, marvelling over rainbows and sunsets, and watching humpbacked whales frolic in the waves.

We also found some time to be a little bit silly and embarrass our young family members!

...clap clap clap clap... deep in the heart of Texas

posing with Percy the Pelican

We've been home a little over a week now, and we're both back at work. I feel in need of another holiday.

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Maureen said...

You packed a lot into the time! - I would not have joined you at The Gabba! - but isn't GOMA the most wonderful place to spend a few hours?