Sunday, 3 February 2013

Top hat

We've had some very cold weather over the last week or two, and a few days of real snow. Woo hoo!

back garden in the snow
the view from our living room
The cold snap tempted me to search out my knitting needles and redirect some yarn that had previously been destined for other projects that no longer appeal. I decided that a quick, cosy knit was in order, and chose the Wurm hat along with some Debbie Bliss Luxury Donegal Tweed Aran and some Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran.

I knitted pretty much non-stop on this - every time I had a spare minute, I would knit a couple of rows. It grew quickly.

starting to take shape

I even took it to the park, where Mr Q was taking photographs of the snow.

knitting in the park in the snow

Obviously, I had to take a break to make a snow angel for the benefit of my nieces in Australia who have never seen snow.

my attempt at a snow angel

Even with all those distractions, pretty soon the hat was all done with the ends sewn in and everything. I love it. Can you tell?

grinning in my new hat

I think I'm going to need all the warmth I can get - I had my hair cut yesterday. It's the shortest it's been in at least 10 years.

new hair / old wallpaper

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Maureen said...

Hat and hair both lovely! I've taken note of the pattern, as it may be a useful one to have in the collection; son and new wife are moving to Ottawa for a year or three. :(
I knitted Windschief for my son and he loved it, and I think Wurm will be appreciated by my daughter-in-law.