Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Under pressure

Today is my 6th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, Mr Q and I will be clearing out some stuff in the study. That's how rock 'n' roll we are! After the clearing and the organising, there will be a delicious dinner. My favourite main - chicken breast stuffed with Boursin cheese and wrapped in parma ham with baked cherry tomatoes and couscous, followed by Mr Q's favourite dessert - rice pudding made with cream and vanilla pods.

Earlier today, Mr Q and I had a little chat about my inability to finish craft projects. To encourage me to get more finished, he has challenged me to complete 9 quilts this year. The prize if I fulfil my side of the bargain? He will renew our wedding contract for another 6 years! If I fail? Apparently, we'll be heading for the divorce courts! I'm feeling the pressure.


Kathy Niklewicz said...

Happy 6th Anniversary - today!!! (Did you get married on a Tuesday?)I'm assuming you're cooking this scrumptious dinner? Wow! I'm afraid cooking isn't my strongest skill, even after 49 years. We'll be eating out on Friday, if the weather allows (10" on lawn right now from recent storms). The joys of January anniversaries here in the snow belt (Pennsylvania).

I'm totally amused at the goals you're setting! We have more than the study (den) to clean out! We have to do the whole house! And I've organized my craft room so many times I can't count! No matter how hard I've tried, it just becomes a mess again!!! You at least have these photos to prove that it's possible! LOL!

I thought you accomplished quite a lot last year! I have so many unfinished projects I can't count them, although they don't take up as much room as quilts! My husband puts up with the crafts, but the divorce papers are ready if I ever think about lacing on a pair of ice skates. At age 58 (38th anniv. in 2002) I insisted on reliving my youth and taking up ice skating again, and promptly broke BOTH wrists! He had to cook (which he doesn't do at all!) Long story, but at least we're still married!

Have a great evening!

Quiltification said...

Your comment made me smile. I don't think there's any chance I'll be strapping on the ice skates - Mr Q will tell you how clumsy I am (or "unco" (short for uncoordinated) as the Australians would say).

Yes, we did get married on a Tuesday. My mum has always said that a Tuesday is the best day to do important things. I think she means interviews, driving tests and that sort of thing, but 2nd January is the day after a public holiday in England so most of our friends and family were free to celebrate with us.

We cooked dinner together - Mr Q works away in the week and we enjoy spending time together in the kitchen when he's home.

I'm still trying to convince him that making something (even if it never gets finished) is a worthwhile hobby. Like a marriage - hopefully that will never get finished!

I hope you have a wonderful anniversary, too.