Sunday, 13 January 2013

The end is nigh!

The end is nigh! Not for the planet (I hope), but for some of my unfinished quilting projects. In my last post, I showed you my (rather long) list of crafty projects in progress. Since then, I have come across a finish-along hosted by Leanne at She Can Quilt and have decided that this might be just the kick up the backside I need. As you know, the stakes are high - Mr Q has told me that divorce is on the cards if I don't complete at least 9 quilt projects this year!

So, for the first quarter of the year, I will be finishing...

1. Red and white "Double X" quilt. I started this in 2005 following a pattern in American Patchwork and Quilting. I am now in the process of quilting it to within an inch of its life.

2. Austro-zelanic quilt for Mr Q. That's a fancy way of saying that it is composed of fabrics from Australia and New Zealand, collected on our trips down under to visit Mr Q's family. The pattern is Elizabeth Hartman's New Wave Quilt. I started this quilt in January 2012 as a sample for a class.

The top is now done....

....and I've been thinking of ways to quilt it. When finished this quilt can keep Mr Q warm when he is away from home working in Hull every week.

3. A recently started quilt - I began this one on New Year's Eve, and finished the top about 48 hours later. The pattern came from a quilt calendar that Mum bought me for Christmas. I've pieced a back, so it just needs quilting and binding.

4. This almost doesn't count as a finish since I only started it yesterday! However, it will be a gift for my husband's cousin and his wife who have just moved into their new home, so I do really need to get it finished. The pattern is "Transparency" from Quilts Made Modern by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. I'm using Kona solids for this one, including a colour very similar to the dresses the bridesmaids wore at their wedding. It's all cut out, and I've started piecing the blocks.

So there you have it. 4 quilts. 3 months. Better get back to the salt mine (as Mr Q calls my sewing room).

she can quilt

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Neeno said...

I too made a red and white double x quilt in2005 from the same pattern. It's on my king size bed and my husband says it's his favorite quilt of all time.