Friday, 4 January 2013

Hoping for snow

Every winter Mr Q and I hope for snow. We love the stuff, but don't get too much of it in the UK. A couple of months ago, I read a long range weather forecast that suggested that this winter would be one of the coldest for 100 years. Mr Q and I were excited. But so far, there has been no trace of the promised snow.

Once again, I have been forced to make my own. Having tatted many snowflakes over the past few years, I decided to turn my hand to thread crochet and with the help of Caitlin Sainio's 100 Snowflakes to Crochet, I have so far made two small crochet snowflakes. It's easier than I anticipated and I have already got to grips with the charts in the book.

So here they are...

the Nevada snowflake

the Droxtal snowflake

Just after I had started crocheting these, I read about the plan to turn the new school for Sandy Hook pupils into a winter wonderland full of snowflakes. And so I sent these two, along with a stack of tatted snowflakes, across the ocean to Connecticut.

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Anonymous said...

I recently purchased the same book and have found the patterns in it wonderful. I make them different colors and add a pinch of fine glitter when I stiffen them. Enjoy the snow!