Saturday, 5 January 2013

A new start

Oops! I don't quite know how that happened. I was happily thinking about my works in progress, organising them into a list and pinning said list to the notice board in my newly tidied sewing room.

my works in progress list
And then I opened the new calendar that mum gave me for Christmas and found that it contained instructions for 12 quilts. And suddenly I was cutting and sewing fabric to make my first Project Linus quilt of 2013.

And just 48 hours later, there was a completed quilt top.



Stitched Together said...

Well I think as you slipped up and made a whole quilt top by accident it can't be held against you. After all, it is for charity and it is a WHOLE quilt top, so it's not really adding too much to the pile of projects to finish, now is it?

Quiltification said...

Thank you, stitched together - those are wise words :-)

Ruth said...

It looks great! And it's inspiring me to start thiing about what I'll do during our first virtual sewing meet-up! at the pace you're going you'll just have the binding to sew on by then!

Maureen said...

Right at the bottom of your says "Tatted Daisy Doily" - you can tell I am not a sewer,can't you! But I would love to know the source of said doily - is it in a book?
Brisbane traffic - hmmm - well, when we came here 25 years ago there was NO peak hour - at all - and now it's horrific.I suppose it's such a lovely place to live that it has simply become overcrowded - and every household seems to have at least two cars.

Quiltification said...

Hi Maureen. The daisy doily pattern is in this blog post - I'm approaching the point where I need to start adding daisies around the outside. Determined to finish it this year!

paula said...

You have made some lovely quilts. Thanks for sharing. Lots of ideas swimming around in my head.