Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Six down, six to go

At the start of the year, I challenged myself to complete 12 quilts this year. I'm a little behind schedule, but in my defence it has been a busy year, with more field classes to teach than usual, my parents-in-law visiting for 7 weeks, and a new schedule at work that means I'm having to teach one of my modules twice before the end of the year.

Still I have managed to quilt 4 quilts for charity, and completed 6 quilts that have been lurking in the work-in-progress pile for a little while.

My latest finish is a quilt for a friend's baby girl. I started with some prints from Cloud 9's organic My Happy Garden collection and added a few Kona solids. Then I arranged them in a Trip Around the World design.

Once the top was complete, I had a lot of fun freehand quilting the solid fabrics with swirly heart-shaped leaves, and the prints with stylised flowers. I love how this turned out. It's like springtime condensed into quilt form.

That's number six complete. Time to delve into the work-in-progress pile again.

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