Monday, 28 May 2012

Knit happens

That's right, knit happens. Sometimes at the expense of sewing and quilting.

Recently, I've been working on a couple of small knitting projects. I do like small projects. They are portable, which means I can do something on my daily commute on the train. They are quick, and I really do like instant gratification!

I finished this headband made from the Bamboozled pattern that I found on ravelry. I've knitted it from Donegal Yarns' Aran Tweed and it should keep my ears warm with my hair tied back when I'm on fieldwork. I'll be taking it to Donegal next month - taking it home, as it were!

My next project is a second trilobite hat, since I lost the first in a rainstorm almost as soon as I'd finished it :-( The yarn I've picked out for this is gorgeous - Austermann Alpaca Silk Yarn in a beautiful heathered green shade. My cabling technique has improved since I completed the first ill-fated trilobite hat and I'm happy that I've chosen a smoother yarn to show off the textured trilobite. I'm hoping to get this finished before my upcoming field class next month. 

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Kathy Niklewicz said...

I didn't realize you lost your first hat! That must have been some rainstorm! However I do like this new yarn better for showing the design.

My 5-year-old great nephew has a book about dinosaurs, etc., and it includes trilobites! I couldn't believe when he 'read' the name. He has the book memorized and likes to wow the adults with the long names of the dinosaurs!