Monday, 23 January 2012

Keeping Up

It's been quite a busy week on the sewing front, and although I haven't managed to finish anything (yet), I have made progress and decisions. Before Christmas, one of my friends at work told me that she is expecting her first baby in April. I've decided to make them a quilt and I think the My Happy Garden fabrics from Cloud9 fabrics that I've been saving for something special will be perfect. I've added Kona solids in snow, coffee, lemon, azure and cactus from Simply Solids and Prints to Polka Dots. I've yet to decide on a pattern but there's plenty of time.

Also this week, I signed up for the Made in Cherry quilt along hosted by Pins and Bobbins.

pins & bobbins

I decided to dig deep into my stash for this quilt, and have come up with a range of Japanese style prints in blues and greens, some of which I bought before I returned to the UK from Oregon in 2000! Luckily I still love most of them. I'm planning to use natural linen for the background. If it turns out well, we might send this quilt to Mr Q's cousin as a belated wedding gift.

My biggest obstacle to keeping up with this quilt along is Mr George. He really loves fabric. Mostly he just lies on it, but when he imagines it is fighting back, all hell breaks loose!

Look at those teeth and furry back legs!
Still, I have managed to cut all 180 squares and 40 triangles that I need. Next up is laying out the squares and deciding on a pleasing arrangement.

Other sewing this week has included a roman blind for my sewing room which I will photograph when it's up (hopefully at the weekend) and starting on some curtains for Mr Q's study.

Oh, and I replaced the wheels on my longarm machine this weekend. I have been planning to do this for a little while, but it turns out that the guys at Gammill are much stronger than me. I had to wait for Mr Q to lend some brawn and wield some mole grip pliers before we could get the old wheels off. The new wheels are EZ-Glide wheels from Love to Quilt. They are incredible and give much more control on diagonals and curves. Once they were installed I wandered off for a cup of tea and this is what I came back to...

Thank you, Mr Q. I love you too!


Pat said...

Oh my gosh, that is so wonderful! Good job Mr. Q!

Helen said...

How lovely - I'd be super-choked if my lovely Kiwi did that. To say nothing of completely dumbfounded too of course!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Really enjoyed that 'surprise' ending! Love the cat photos, too!

It's interesting to see your machine!
There are some videos out there of 'how to quilt a big quilt at your sewing machine', and there is no way I'd ever do that! The long-arm is the way to go - if one has room!

I have done some sewing machine quilting on small wall quilts, but I'd never be able to enter them in a quilt show! My very basic machine is not sophisticated enough to do a perfect job!

By the way, Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Q! Our wedding was also in January, and my two attendants wore long red gowns and carried fur muffs !! That was way back in 1964 - 48 years ago, but seems like yesterday! January isn't the best weather month, though, here in Pennsylvania in the US. We were lucky we didn't have snow that day!

Maureen said...

You must frame that and hang it in the workroom! - what a priceless gift he has given you!

Quiltification said...

He's a keeper, isn't he?