Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Window dressing

After the tree went up, the weather started to get warmer here in the northwest of England. Christmas doesn't really feel like Christmas without a few flurries of snow or an icy draft or two, so I've improvised and added tatted snowflakes to the windows of our living room.

I had a little time on Boxing Day to catch up on some blogs, and to discover some new ones. One that really struck a chord was A Thrify Mrs, particularly her series of decluttering posts. Inspired, I decided that I might try a focussed declutter in the New Year - perhaps 100 items in the month of January. However, whilst cooking dinner last evening I thought I might get a little head start by decluttering the kitchen cupboards. Here's what I've managed to get rid of so far...

  1. pestle and mortar - an unwanted gift as we already have one - I'll offer it to my sister, or take it to the charity shop
  2. scales - who needs 2 sets? - this will go to the charity shop
  3. a very grim glass plate - trust me, no-one else will want this - recycle
  4. mixing bowl - again, I have several - charity shop
  5. sparkly red plant pot - charity shop
  6. very beaten up cake tin - bin
  7. victoria sandwich tins that have seen better days - bin
  8. broken bowl that I made in a beginner's pottery class - bin
  9. a tiny hand towel - maybe someone with very small hands will like this - charity shop
  10. holey tea towel - fabric bank
  11. fridge magnet - charity shop
  12. 4 plastic plates - charity shop
  13. 4 plastic tumblers - charity shop
  14. 5 blue glass tea light holders - charity shop
  15. coffee percolator (I don't even know how to use it!) - charity shop
  16. a teacup and saucer - charity shop
  17. 2 shot glasses - charity shop
  18. water carafe - charity shop
  19. salad dressing bottle - charity shop
  20. an old cake plate - charity shop
  21. 3 ramekins - charity shop
  22. white rectangular plate - charity shop
  23. 2 glass tea light holders - charity shop
  24. yet another tea light holder (this one takes 7, yes 7 tea lights) - charity shop
  25. another cup and saucer - charity shop
  26. a unopened packet of incense - charity shop
  27. a tablecloth - charity shop
  28. a tray cloth - charity shop
  29. unopened bag of sparkly heart confetti - free cycle
  30. a bag of foreign coins - charity shop
  31. (-38) 8 cookery books - some have gone on amazon to sell, and the rest, you've guessed it, are going to a charity shop
At this rate, I may well hit 100 items by the end of the year! In fact, in the spirit of optimism, I've decided on a new target - 100 unwanted items will be gone by December 31st. New Year, new start and all that!

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