Saturday, 31 December 2011

Target Practice

As the end of the year approaches there are a few targets I'm trying to reach. I managed to get most of my handmade Christmas presents completed in time, including a second pair of felted slippers for my sister. The pattern is quick and easy to knit, and they are oh so cosy to wear.

I don't really have clown feet - this is prior to felting.

The proto-slippers are currently in the washing machine shrinking to a useable size - I don't want her tripping down the stairs! I also finished leather phone cases for my sister and another friend. I used a free tutorial and some leather offcuts, adapting the pattern to fit both a classic iPhone and my friend's Droid 2.


The other couple of things I am knitting and planned to give as gifts are still on the needles, but they're getting closer to completion every day. However, my big target for the past week has been decluttering 100 items from my home.

Decluttered: items 39-62 await despatch
I've spent some time this afternoon scanning my bookshelves and I am now up to item 97. Only 3 more to find in the next 3 hours!

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