Monday, 3 October 2011

Flower power

I am a child of the seventies, and well versed in flares, shaggy hair and ponchos! I am so, so glad that I am a child, and not an adolescent, of the seventies. The shame of those stylistic choices, if they had indeed been choices. Luckily, I can blame my parents for my appalling pre-teen apparel. To illustrate my point, here's a photo of a six-year old me, rocking a bowl cut, some polyester slacks (which I am almost certain had ricrac around the bottom of the trouser legs) and a vivid T-shirt covered in large green apples with orange trim. In the background, note the patriotic Union Jack shopping bag! In the foreground, the first fossil I can remember finding - a piece of fossilised wood in the Libyan Desert.
and so another palaeontologist is born
Why the sudden seventies reminiscence? Well, it's twofold actually. This week, I spent a very enjoyable afternoon with a class of 25 six and seven year olds talking about fossils. They had wanted to meet a real, live palaeontologist and I was glad to oblige. I thought the photo above might encourage them to look for their own fossils, rather than thinking that it's something only professional fossil hunters do. They thought I was a boy, but other than that seemed quite inspired.

The second reason is that another big theme of the 70s was flower power, and I've been creating a whole garden of Japanese folded flowers (known as kanzashi) which I will turn into brooches to sell at the exhibition that I mentioned in a previous post. I still need to add brooch backs to most of them, but I am very happy with how they turned out.
Blooming marvelous!
Finally, I have also started quilting one of my unquilted tops. Here's a quick snap of what I've achieved so far. Freehand leafy swirls in the centre of the rectangular blocks and in the sashing. I still have to work out how to turn a corner. I'd better save that for an evening when I'm properly awake.


Anonymous said...

You must be about the same age as my eldest daughters - and not a word against the 70's will I hear! That was the time that I began to learn to sew clothes for them, and I was terribly proud of the lime green and orange bell-bottooms I made for them to wear to kindergarten........I kept a few special items from the era, and my grandchildren are intrigued to think that their stylish mothers actually wore such garments!

Ruth said...

Great photo - and I love the new header! :-)