Saturday, 24 September 2011


The quilt group that Mum and I belong to, Bottom Drawer Quilters, have our biennial exhibition coming up next month. As well as trying to complete a few quilts to go in the show, we have each been tasked with creating some small items for the sales table. That's right - there will be retail opportunities, along with refreshments, a raffle, a tombola, demonstrations. All the proceeds will go to Pendleside Hospice. Here's what I've made so far... 

First up, 12 houses from a pattern in Quilting Arts Gifts 2010. Because of the roof, door and window colours I chose, these remind me of the board game, Monopoly.

HOW much if I land on Mayfair (or Boardwalk in the US)?

It's possible that Monopoly is bubbling just below the surface of my brain after a recent chat with my sister about the game. As a child, Kath devised the fiendish strategy of buying up all the cheap property, the utilities and the railway stations - a strategy which she was convinced should always win her the game, and generally did when she played against friends and family. Strangely though, every time she played against me, her devilish strategy came to naught. Despite my seemingly haphazard approach to the game, I always won.

getting on the property ladder

I'll admit here, as I admitted to her recently, that my modus operandi was not the slightest bit random. What she failed to notice was that I was always the banker, and paid myself an exorbitant salary. Ok, I embezzled wildly. Sorry, Kath! In the interests of full disclosure, I should probably also tell you that I used to cheat at the card game, Cheat.

With those ugly revelations off my chest, let's get back to the items I've been making for the exhibition. Next, 12 Christmas tree ornaments. These are also from a pattern in Quilting Arts Gifts 2010.

Do they remind you of poker chips? Or is that a story for another day?

Next up, three small bags for organising jewellery when you're travelling. This time I used a pattern from Quilting Arts Gifts 2009. There are eight separate sections inside to prevent tangled chains and unpaired earrings.

for organising jewellery on safari

 Finally, a book bag made from unbleached calico and curtain fabric.

The quilt show is at St Luke's Church, Brierfield (near Burnley), Lancashire BB9 9JL. It's open from 10 to 4 on Saturday October 15th, and 12 to 4 on Sunday October 16th.

Righto, I'd better get back to the sweat shop.


Mr Q said...

You're very talented! Love you x x x x

Maureen said...

Isn't your Mr Q wonderful!! - how lovely, and I would very much like to come to your show, but it's a little far from Brisbane.....

Quiltification said...

He's definitely a keeper! I'll see if I can take some pictures of the show to share on my blog. That way you can see the quilts without the jetlag.

Ruth said...

Ooh! So busy! I must start thinking about christmas soon. I really love the book bag - such good fabric choice!

I'm ready to start hand quilting on my New Wave quilt. Yippee!