Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cosy Toes

Autumn is definitely in the air in the northwest of England. It's been wild and windy over the last few days, with a few torrential downpours thrown in for good measure. At least that provides a good excuse for staying in and making things.

I recently completed knitting and felting these slippers, from a pattern I found through ravelry. I love everything about them - comfortable, cosy and so quick and easy to knit. I think I'll be making another pair for my sister before Christmas.

the ultimate cosy toes

Our house can get a little draughty and chilly in the winter. We are adding insulation everywhere we can, but there comes a time during the autumn when the heating has to be switched back on. This year, we are planning to delay the inevitable central heating switch-on for as long as possible. Our secret weapon? Wearing more jumpers. Oh, and the occasional evening use of the gas fire in the front room. Mr Q loves the fire. The cats think that (after sardines) it is the very best thing in the world.

dreaming of sardines

When they are awake, the cats love to help with my crafting activities. Over the past few weeks, I've been working methodically through my stack of unfinished projects. Firstly, a good friend of mine has just had her first baby. Inspired by the stationery that she used for her wedding invitations, I am making a quilt that will look like a field of daisies. Here's Bonnie helping me arrange green squares to make a field. 

Bonnie helpfully rearranging squares

Mr George likes to help too. He does less rearranging, more quality control. He signals his approval by lying on things. Here he is approving of my layout of rectangle blocks for a different quilt.

Mr George approves

And here, with the rectangle quilt top completed, and the green squares coming together nicely, Mr George indicates that these fabric creations are very comfortable indeed.

All these quilts are for me? How kind.

It feels good to be working through these unfinished projects. Hopefully, more to show you soon.


Maureen said...

Central heating for you, airconditioning for us! But just at present, the weather is magnificent.
When a cat has his front paws curled up underneath him, you always know that the world is just as it is meant to be!

Ruth said...

Those slippers really are magnificent. I think I was somewhat distracted by a small dog when I saw them in real life and didn't examine them properly.

I love the quilts you're working on too! I hope the cats let you finishe them!