Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I was warned that this might happen! I always knew that it would be dangerous to dally with another hobby, but I ignored all the danger signs and tried a little light crochet.

The results?

1. A Queen Anne's lace scarf for my mum, completed with the help of a fabulous tutorial. I used Twilley's Freedom Spirit DK for this and the subtle colour variations look great in the finished scarf. Although it was baking hot when I gave Mum the scarf, she wore it anyway! I'll have to make one of these for myself.

Mum's scarf in progress

2. A couple of felted hexagon coasters made with the left over Twilley's Freedom Spirit DK. I used the Hexagon How-to tutorial at Attic24's blog, and then manually felted the heck out of them in the kitchen sink! I love how these turned out. Perfect for preventing cup rings on the bedside table from my weekend morning cups of tea.

3. Substantial progress on a cushion cover using the Copenhagen Pillow pattern by Yvonne Eijkenduijn. All the centre circles are completed, and I've even started crocheting them together, but then I got sidetracked by making a large granny square for the back of the cover. The yarn is Sirdar's Calico in a range of pastel shades.

I think I'm hooked!


Maureen said...

You have embraced it with a passion! - churning it out, and it's all lovely, especially that scarf.I also like the coasters very much.
The size of your stash is going to treble; fortunately one of my daughters has recently learned how to crochet so I will be able to pass on to her my boxes and boxes of magazines and patterns!

Ruth said...

Wowzers! Is it really so quick? And here I am slaving away for minimal progress on my very unseasonal cowl, and wondering whether having a go at crochet is a good idea....I will definitely have to try it!