Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Stripe up the band

My apologies for the terrible pun in the title of this blog post! The gorgeous Noro yarn that I showed you in my last post is now a scarf - just in time to be wrapped up and sent to my sister for her birthday. I followed this pattern by Brooklyn Tweed using two skeins each of Noro Silk Garden 47 and 272. I love how this turned out, and see other versions of this scarf in my future. Mr Q was eyeing this one covetously, too.

All this knitting (along with all the tidying up of my crafting space) has fired up my yarny enthusiasm. A while ago I discovered Sarah London's brightly coloured blog and her Crochet-a-Rainbow appeal for victims of the Queensland floods. As Mr Q is a Queenslander, I was very touched by her appeal (which she has now expanded to Christchurch and Japan earthquake survivors). Sarah is asking for granny squares which she will sew into blankets. Having dusted down my crocheting skills just a couple of weeks ago, I have taken up the challenge. Three squares so far, and more on the way as I use up odd balls of wool from the bottom of my knitting bag, along with a couple of discounted, discontinued colours found at the Black Sheep Craft Barn near Warrington on Saturday. I'm sure these granny squares don't count as the start of another project, do they?


Maureen said...

that Noro scarf is such a lovely pattern, isn't it! - and simple, I like simple!
Be careful with the crochet, you will be sucked in to another hobby if you don't take care!

Quiltification said...

Oh yes - I'm a big fan of simple. Too late on the crochet - I think I now have another hobby - at least I can use yarn left over from knitting so it shouldnt be too pricy.