Monday, 11 April 2011

Square dancing

My father was a great fan of square dancing. I remember (with no small amount of horror and shame) that he owned one of those cowboy string tie things. Incidentally, I've just googled "cowboy string tie" to find out their proper name and it turns out that you can call them cowboy ties, string ties, bootlace ties, or indeed cowboy string ties. I'm giggling about this as I write.

Crochet - a - rainbow (or part of one, at any rate)

So, what has all this square dancing talk got to do with this blog? Well, I've been doing square dancing of a different kind - crocheting granny squares for Sarah London's Crochet-a-Rainbow charity project. It turns out that they are just a little addictive. I've made 27 so far, and counting.

 20 squares

Thread ends


Ruth said...

I somehow have trouble imagining your father in a string tie!

Would love to learn to crochet but my knitting is so slow I fear I would never get anything finished!

Marjorie said...

Out West...we call 'em "bolo ties".

Quiltification said...

Ruth - I know it's difficult to imagine. I'm struggling, and I was there and saw it with my own eyes. I'm fairly certain that there is no photographic evidence!

Marjorie - thank you for expanding my vocabulary - I shall try to fit "bolo tie" into conversation with my very English colleagues today :-)