Sunday, 6 March 2011

Wake up and smell the coffee

A couple of years ago after my mum had been to a workshop on circular bargello quilts, she offered to show me how to make one. In one afternoon, I cut all the strips of fabric I needed, sewed them together into panels, and under her supervision, cut segments and completed one quarter of my small circular quilt. Then I stalled. Other potential projects teased and tantalised me, and my quarter circle languished in a box on my sewing room shelf. Until a few months ago, when I pulled it out and finished the piecing. A short hiatus followed as I puzzled over how to quilt it. Finally, inspiration struck and I can now present my finished "Cappuccino" quilt, complete with free-motion quilted steamy swirls.

 the finished quilt, measuring about one metre across

steaming cappuccino quilting

I'm not much of a coffee drinker - much more of a tea or hot chocolate girl myself, but somehow "cappuccino" seems like a much more appropriate name. Maybe that's because most weekend mornings I get up and make Mr Q a cappuccino to drink in bed, to aid in the horizontal to vertical transition, or because the word cappuccino is pronounced so differently in the town where we live (Wigan) and the town where Mr Q works (Hull). We know this through prolonged exposure to coffee shop culture in both towns.


Krystle said...

ThAT is absolutely beautiful!

Quiltification said...

Thank you, Krystle. I am really pleased with howit eventually turned out. I'm not really sure what to _do_ with a 1m diameter circular quilt, though.

Bonnie said...

I made a bargello wall hanging once and enjoyed it, but I'm not sure I could get my mind around how to do a circular one. Very pretty.

Gina said...

I LOVE this piece!