Sunday, 6 March 2011

Red letter day

Inspired by the progress being made by members of the "Single Girl Support Group"I have decided to start a single girl quilt of my own. I don't plan to formally join the group, since the warning that it is for "serious single girl quilters only" made me feel a little unwelcome. Work is likely to get in the way of me keeping up, and I am already a long way behind schedule. Anyhow, I am planning to make a queen sized quilt for our bed out of red and white fabrics leftover from another quilt I made a few years ago, along with some other cute red and white prints that I haven't been able to resist buying. The background will be natural linen which I have ordered from the US, and hope will arrive this week.

The pattern involves cutting lots of individual pieces using templates and scissors. So far, I have cut somewhere about one third of the pieces that I'll need. As you can see, the different pieces are all subtly different from one another.

One flick of a cat paw could spell disaster, so the pegs and vintage cutlery tray are my way of trying to keep it all cat-proofed!

After all that marking and cutting, and a walk through a sunny (if somewhat chilly) Wigan, Mr Q and I settled down to scones, jam, cream and tea/cappuccino in front of the fire. Pure bliss.


Maureen said...

What a lot of cutting out! - it's sounding wonderful, I look forward to following it's progress.
I will have to look up "single girl" quilt - because you aren't a single girl, are you?
And is that real Cornish clotted cream on the table?? - you can actually go out and BUY it? - I have tasted it only once here, many years ago, in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW. I don't think my Doctor would approve of it, would he - he is being a bit of a bully at the moment!

Jane S. said...

That red-and-white quilt is going to be so cheery! I'm not sure I could handle the scissors routine though, I'd probably resort to my trusty rotary cutter. I hope you'll post more photos as you get further along on the quilt?

Quiltification said...

Don't worry - Mr Q and I have not fallen out! The "single girl" pattern was designed by Denyse Schmidt as a witty take on the traditional double wedding ring pattern.

The cutting is taking an inordinately long time but there are too many curved edges for me to trust my rotary cutter. I'm trying to enjoy the process rather than rush towards the finished article. I'll definitely post pictures once I start piecing it all together.

And yes, that is real Cornish clotted cream. Really yummy and available in all good supermarkets in the UK.