Monday, 6 December 2010

Christmas is coming...

...and I've finished a quilt. I pieced this quilt a couple of years ago from Moda's Christmas Past fabric line. It sat unloved and unquilted until I added some holly leaf quilting and added the binding last week. Mr Q loves it and so do I. I've finished it just in time to snuggle under in the run-up to Christmas. We need all the warmth we can find at the moment - it is unseasonably snowy and icy in our neck of the woods. Brrrr! Poor Mr Q - being a native Australian he really feels the cold (and also believes that Australia should be winning the cricket).

I am thinking of putting together a tutorial for making this quilt. It uses exactly one jelly roll of fabric and is quick and easy to put together. I'll dust off my pattern-writing skills and see what I can come up with.


Maureen said...

Really? - just one roll? One of the shops where I buy my thread is really a quilt shop masquerading as a wool shop, and I have been entranced by those gorgeous rolls and tins of fabric - I have refused to take up quilting, but I might make one that takes only one roll - then I could buy some and bring it home with me!
Mothers are covering their little children's eyes as they pass by all the big television sets in shopping centres - just too painful to watch.

Quiltification said...

Yes - just the one roll! And you are right to be wary of quilting - it can become an addiction. But isn't every craft like that? I can't resist the lure of fabric, although I find solace in the fact that it acts as extra insulation in my house in this freezing weather.
I'm looking forward to my first Christmas in the southern hemisphere - only 2 weeks away from the Sunshine Coast now.