Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New beginnings

I feel as though I've been in a bit of a creative rut recently and whilst my sister was staying with me last week an idea came to us that might help end my creative drought. My sister has been working through Keri Smith's Wreck This Journal and has found that having instructions on each page has allowed her imagination free reign and has helped prevent "journal block". We thought that we would try our own take on this idea - my sister is going to set me tailor-made tasks that will help me achieve some of my creative goals.

The first challenge that she has set is to create a brooch using buttons. My first idea is inspired by dominoes and liquorice allsorts - not something I've ever though about in the same sentence before! I've glued together several layers of coloured felt and then sewn on mother of pearl buttons.

My second idea uses fabric left over from my bridesmaids' dresses three and a half years ago. My original plan was to sew a few small black buttons into the centre, but I think the sparkly pewter coloured beads look better instead.

I have a third idea that will use several subtly coloured shell buttons sewn onto linen with decorative embroidery stitches around them. I'm enjoying the challenge and I feel as though I am justified in ignoring some of the housework in order to try and kickstart my creativity.


Tatskool said...

Your challenge is a great idea, we all need a kick start every now and again. I haven't tatted for nearly two weeks with all the wedding excitement.

Gina said...

I worked with that book with an online group for about 6 weeks. It does get you to thinking differently. Good luck with your kickstart!

Mr Q/B said...

Very nice Mrs Q!