Monday, 2 August 2010

Home again!

After 27 hours of travel, I am back home. Mr Q met me at Manchester airport, and the cats met me on the doorstep of our house. I am tired but happy. It was a successful trip and we have collected several hundred fossils - mostly snails and sea urchins - which will help in my research and in my PhD student's project. I was anticipating trouble at customs and had made sure that I had all the paperwork in order, but no-one raised an eyebrow or asked any questions about the large number of tiny well-wrapped packages in my hand luggage.

I enjoyed my last day in Australia - I spent it wandering around Melbourne. I went to the botanic gardens, took photos of Flinders Street Station (apparently my mum learned about it while studying geography at school) and managed to find time to visit a beautiful yarn shop, Woolbaa, in Albert Park where I found Jo Sharp yarn and pattern books to bring home as a souvenir. I also rushed across town on the tram to stop at one of the best quilt shops I've ever been to, Patchwork on Central Park, in Malvern East. Although the fabrics were predominantly from US and UK manufacturers, they had a fabulous selection of modern, bright, funky designs.

On the long trip back (I watched 7 movies!) I did a little tatting and crochet. I'll sew the ends in and then I'll be able to show you the tatted snowflake that I've been slowly working on.

I'll be back in Australia again at Christmastime with Mr Q, visiting his family. It'll be my first Christmas in the southern hemisphere and the first time Mr Q has been home for Christmas in ten years. His mum is already planning Christmas dinner!


Maureen said...

Queensland at Christmastime......has Mr Q TOLD you about the humidity? You'll cope, everywhere's airconditioned, and if you're near the coast, there's always a sea breeze!

Quiltification said...

I admit I'm a little frightened by the thought of the heat and humidity at Christmas. Grant's parents live on the Sunny Coast so I'm hoping the sea breeze will ease the pain!