Sunday, 6 June 2010

Extreme Quilting

Mr Q and I spent part of this weekend with my sister Kath. We visited a couple of antiques and collectables fairs where I scored a cute vintage blue and white polka dot apron and a big box of vintage buttons. We ate yummy food, courtesy of my sister and assorted restaurants and tea shops. And in between all this I sewed down the binding on this storm at sea quilt which I started piecing nine years ago, unquilted and requilted a couple of months ago and then promised to Kath.
The last couple of feet of the binding were sewn in the Tree Cathedral in Milton Keynes - this is an area of parkland with trees laid out to mimic the gothic splendour of Norwich Cathedral. While I stitched furiously, Mr Q took panoramic photos with his iphone including this 360 degree view within the cloisters (Kath and I had to keep moving!)

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