Thursday, 13 May 2010

The postman rings twice

I'm at home today, working through a stack of marking. It's not my favourite part of being a lecturer, but even dream jobs have their downsides. Happily, the postman chose today to deliver the book I'd ordered - Knits Men Want. As you can see, it's currently on the table waiting patiently until I can escape from the marking long enough for a quick read. I have even made a cup of tea in the hopes that I won't have to wait too long! Just a quick flick through has justified the purchase of this book - simple timeless designs with lots of options for different weights and types of yarn.  I've been thinking of knitting something for Mr Q recently, but he is quite difficult to please and I have struggled to find something he'd like.

I have forayed into "Knitting for Mr Q" territory before, but after the amount of time I spent knitting it, I wish he'd wear it more. The article in question was a stripy jumper from a Jaeger leaflet - that's the image from the book, not my own Mr Q. I made it in the suggested colours, approved by none other than Mr Q himself. He was happy. I was happy. Until a thoughtless friend flung a spanner in the works with just 6 small words uttered within earshot of Mr Q. "It's a good job he's colourblind". Well, his confidence in wearing the multicoloured stripes was destroyed. He was convinced that the whole world was laughing at him. I hope Knits Men Want will help repair some of the damage.

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Tatskool said...

Oh dear, better luck this time!