Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Some time around Christmas, my mum bought an embellisher machine. She'd seen them and thought they were cool. I'd seen them and thought they were cool, but thought they were out of my price range. So mum bought one for us both to share and left it at my house for me to play with. Thank you, Mum, you're the best! Here are the results of my first playtime...
I call this first one "Ignition Sequence Start". There will be embroidery and beads added before it's finished.
I'm intending to embroider daisies on this "lawny" one. The base is part of an old cardigan which had seen better days and could only have been salvaged with leather elbow patches. I am a scientist, but I think that would be taking geekiness just a little too far.
This third one reminds me of rock formations or Australian aboriginal designs. It is also needle-felted onto old clothing - this time one of Mr Q's jumpers which met an undignified end in a laundry related incident. Oops!

Also today, I spent time in the garden digging and planting potatoes and onions. I think I'm going to have to add some quick cropping plants too - I am not known for my patience.

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