Monday, 11 January 2010


It's still chilly here in Wigan with an inch or two of snow lying on the ground. And it's been a bit glacial in our house. Mr Q and I spent some time this weekend adding extra insulation to the loft at the back of our house, lagging the cold water tanks, and putting in boards to create a storage area. It was a dirty job but we'll hopefully start feeling the benefit. Next on the list is the front loft, and blocking the draughts that sneak through the floor of the living room from the cellar.

On the crafting front, I've sewn a hat from a kit for my sister, and a clothes peg bag for her too.Then, since it's been so cold I turned to knitting trying to finish some projects I'd started a few years ago. First up, I finished knitting all the pieces for a short tied cardigan. Now I'm just waiting for a circular needle so that I can complete the border. In the meantime I've knitted the second arm of a jumper (all pieces now completed) and I'm finishing the front of yet another jumper. This last one shouldn't take long - the knitting pins are 20mm in diameter and there are less than 30 stitches in each row! So I should have 3 new hand knitted garments to wear within the next few weeks. Mind you if this cold spell continues I'll be wearing them all, one on top of the other!

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