Friday, 17 July 2009

The cat sat on the...

Just a quick update on the home-front. Mr Quiltification and I have been attacking the house renovations with renewed vigour recently. On stripping the wallpaper in the back bedroom and bathroom we discovered a couple of leaks in the roof, and so I have just arranged for the back part of the house (the North wing, if you will) to be reroofed. This weekend we also took up the vibrant green, brown and orange 1960s carpet from the back bedroom and discovered some very old pieces of patterned lino underneath. Both have now gone to the tip, so we are left with bare floorboards while we decide what to do next. The electrician is due on Monday to wire in our shower pump. It's all go! Downstairs has seen a few changes too. We've found a new fire surround for the living room (gotta love ebay!). Also in the living room, the photo shows how happily our cat, Mr George, has taken to the Art Deco armchairs which I purchased on ebay several weeks ago.

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