Friday, 29 May 2009


Mr Quiltification loves Eric Clapton. A lot. So much so that every time he's on tour in the UK, Mr Q goes to see him, sometimes even twice. On Tuesday, we drove down to see him at the Royal Albert Hall in London. We sat in a box - something I had never ever done before and soaked up the atmosphere and the music. I am not a big Clapton fan, but I think I may have tapped my foot at some point during the evening!

Before the concert, we sat in the bar sipping orange juice, and I did a little light tatting. Then calamity struck - I dropped my mother of pearl shuttle on the floor. It broke. I looked sad. Mr Q said not to worry and that I should order a replacement. So I did, and here it is with the other goodies I ordered from Roseground Supplies. They've just started stocking the much talked about Lizbeth thread so I bought a few balls and I'm really touched that Roseground added a free sample of some variegated Lizbeth thread for me to try.


tattrldy said...

Oh, such tragedy, to break such a pretty shuttle! But, oh, the silver lining is sweet - more goodies!

Quiltification said...

It'll teach me to save my special shuttles for carpeted floors!