Saturday, 30 May 2009

Broken hearted

Today as I watched the FA Cup Final (the very last match of the English football season), I finished tatting this heart with my broken shuttle. I had to make sure not to stab myself, but I completed Georgia Seitz's Basic Split Ring Heart without further mishap. The thread is size 16 Ancora Prestige and it is my motif number 16 in the 25 motif challenge. No more tatting for me today - I have a stack of exam scripts to mark. On the other hand, maybe I could reward myself with tatting therapy each time I complete 5 scripts - mark 5, tat a little, mark 5 more, tat a little more... By the way, Chelsea beat Everton 2-1 :-(

Friday, 29 May 2009


Mr Quiltification loves Eric Clapton. A lot. So much so that every time he's on tour in the UK, Mr Q goes to see him, sometimes even twice. On Tuesday, we drove down to see him at the Royal Albert Hall in London. We sat in a box - something I had never ever done before and soaked up the atmosphere and the music. I am not a big Clapton fan, but I think I may have tapped my foot at some point during the evening!

Before the concert, we sat in the bar sipping orange juice, and I did a little light tatting. Then calamity struck - I dropped my mother of pearl shuttle on the floor. It broke. I looked sad. Mr Q said not to worry and that I should order a replacement. So I did, and here it is with the other goodies I ordered from Roseground Supplies. They've just started stocking the much talked about Lizbeth thread so I bought a few balls and I'm really touched that Roseground added a free sample of some variegated Lizbeth thread for me to try.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Please take a seat

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I had my eye on a wardrobe on eBay. Sadly we missed out, but there was a silver lining. Whilst trawling through the antique furniture listings I came across a chair that was just begging to be bought. It's a Morris style arts and crafts arm chair. And it is truly fabulous. I have coveted one of these for quite a while, thought about trying to import one from the States (where apparently many of the British ones have ended up over the years) and even considered taking up carpentry so that I could construct my own! Imagine my delight to find an affordable one on eBay with the seller only 20 miles away from me. Needless to say I placed a bid, and happily I am now the proud owner of a truly gorgeous armchair. Over the coming weeks, I will be getting seat and back cushions made for it. In the meantime, it's a little on the hard side!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Door to door

Grant and I moved into our house in the autumn of 2006. Since then, we've been slowly renovating the place, which had been a bit neglected by the previous owners. So far, we've had central heating installed, all the windows repaired / replaced and just recently we've had new front doors manufactured and installed. They were modeled on our neighbours' doors - they still have the original Victorian doors - and replaced the nasty glass doors that had been put in some time within the last 50 years. Here are our new doors after several coats of red paint. I am really pleased with how they turned out.

Spring is sprung

In celebration of spring (although we've not seen too much in the way of sunny weather here), I've tatted this little bookmark. The pattern is Bina Madden's variation of Mae Taylor's floral bookmark. It's a little short (about 4 and a half inches long) but I plan on making another longer one at some point in the future. Since a recent thread exchange, I've been eying my quilting thread with a view to turning it into tatting. So step 1 in the quilting thread utilization programme was using Sulky Blendables 12 weight quilting thread for this bookmark. It's quite a heavy weight quilting thread and (as you can see in the photo) it comes in beautifully subtle variegated shades. It tatted up pretty nicely (if a little fuzzily), and is somewhere close to a size 60 crochet cotton.

In other news, my parents-in-law will be visiting from Australia this summer. We plan on getting the spare bedroom ship-shape before they arrive so expect some renovation posts over the next few weeks. I've got one eye on a wardrobe on ebay as I type this!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Hexagon heaven

It's been a while since I've posted but I've not been sitting around doing nothing. I've been pretty busy - firstly taking 60 odd students to west Wales to learn about geology and then damaging a disc in my back. I've started a few pieces of tatting - the danger of buying some
new shuttles is that I can have several pieces on the go at once. None are yet finished, but I'm hoping to have a bookmark to show you in the next few days. In the meantime, here's a close-up of some quilting I've recently finished for a friend. I wanted the quilting it to look
like ripples on a pond and am pleased with how it turned out.